Friday, 20 April 2018

The night is long and full of terrors

The night is quiet, nothing stirred. I had finished watching a crap late night movie with a small glass of Pino before turning in the for the night and now I lay in bed drifting off into the land of nod.

As I slip softly into the arms of Morpheus next to me I can hear the gentle soft breathing of the Lovely L, as she too falls into  a gentle sleep by my side.

My mind starts to tick ever so slightly, as I don’t remember hearing L come in tonight, actually, I now start to recall, I wasn’t even expecting her, but what  a pleasant surprise it is to have her next to me sleeping. 

I smile.

I start to stir a little more as I remember that L isn’t even in the country at the moment, She is abroad. So how can she be here? Yet the soft sound of her gently and dreamily breathing can clearly be heard right next to me.

Delighted with the thought of her surprising me like this I am now fully alert as I turn a sit up. To greet her with a soft kiss upon her brow.

I turn, but there is nobody with me, I am totally alone.

No doubt I was dreaming, I must be imagining that she here with me. Thinking so hard of her soft eyes that I must have imagined I heard her breath.

I smile at myself the return to by dreamy thoughts and finally to sleep again.

But there it is again! This eerie breathing! actually in my bed, but I now know that I am alone. It is the witching hour and now I am awake and the soft rhythmic breath of somebody in a deep sleep is in my bed is both clear and close. So close. So spooky!

Goosebumps send a shiver down my spine and my blood runs cold in my veins, as I feel the icy claw of fear clutch at my beating heart.

It is said the mind can play tricks on us, as I imagine all kinds of horrors the night time brings, dreadful night, the child of hell, and this spirit is laying invisible next to me in my comfortable bed.

I do not move, I cannot move gripped in fear but I can open my eyes to look around the darkened room, lit only in the shadows by the silver moonlight which opaquely dances in the night. I see no other person, nobody, I know the pillow next to me is empty but the sound of breathing so close to me is undeniable and real and getting louder.

I summon up all of my courage and in one fell swoop I sit up and put on the light, reaching for the first world war bayonet I keep next to the bedside cabinet, I turn to face the opposite side of the bed, armed and ready to meet with whatever terror the night may hold, what demonic succubus may be waiting for me in the mad shadows.

The pillow is still empty! There is simply nobody there. I am alone.

As I scan the now illuminated room to try make sense of this eerie phenomenon, the inexplicable breathing in my lonely bed my eyes are drawn a little lower than into the middle of the bed, where I find spread out to his full length, with legs akimbo is my Maine-Coon cat, snoring away in his comfort and bliss! Oblivious to the terror he has wrought.

He goes by the name of EL Pollon he does and the little bugger shook me right up he did.


  1. Laying here in my bed reading your blog....I also can hear breathing....and I am also alone.......
    Shall I be spooked?!?
    But then I remember Grey, my ginger cat, is sprawled at the end of my bed.....fright over 😉
    Lovely writing Billy, sleep well ☺️