Monday, 6 February 2017

Whisper tales of gore

It’s Monday, it’s Madrid and it’s the half way mark of the Spanish tour, and everyone has been well behaved with no tales of gore to report, well, none that the band will let me publish anyway.

Last time I wrote we had an epic race against time to make it to San Sebastian for the show.
Having booked flights from Sevilla to Bilbao, Vueling airlines cancelled the flight and dumped us in Madrid instead, claiming that Bilbao airport was closed due to high winds, however we got an alternative flight, from Madrid to yes Bilbao, and no the airport wasn’t closed, nor were there any high winds. A lovely day in fact. So we made the show, although the airfare cost more than the nights fee, but y’know, the show must go on.
I reckon as the flight was late anyway, Vueling lost their slot in Bilbao and needed a plane in Madrid. So our flight was biffed off.
A stint of 4 shows on the bounce, San Sebastian was followed by Santander, then A Caruna and Vigo.
All good shows and well attended, we have a few new songs in the set to go along the theme, seeing a welcome return of Trampled Under Foot. Always a crowd favourite.
                                  The late nights are taking it's toll

Then a long but pleasant drive south to Madrid, the capitol of Spain, placed at the heart of the city. Nice spot of tiffin en-route of course to break up the journey. I do like the Spanish cuisine, the wine ain't bad either come to think of it!

We have a couple of days off in Madrid before the show here, the boys wasting no time in getting out on the town. Jack Paul Jones asking where is the best place to go for to sample the night-life in Madrid. On a Monday night? I don’t think there will be much action, but if there is, then those boys will find it.
Peter on his eternal quest to collect a fridge magnet from ever city we visit on our travels.

Myself? I’m having a night in doing me laundry. Yeah!!!! Rock and Roll Babys!!!
But also, today is a red-letter day! My book is now proofed and off to the printers and is on schedule for release on March 1st. Called Letz Zep backstage. ‘What Goes on tour don’t stay on tour’ full of amusing stories from behind the scenes of the biggest and best tribute to Led Zeppelin in the world! What? like me doing me laundry in Madrid on a Monday night? Nope, a bit more colourful than that. with tales of gore aplenty!
I’ll keep you posted
Rock on

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