Thursday, 2 February 2017

The rain in Spain

Hello All.
We arrived on a beautifully sunny day for a show in Murcia. Great to see so many people returning to see the band again. Then onto Grenada and for the first time a show in Cordoba, a very beautiful place. It has the second largest Old Town in Europe, complete with Roman bridge and lovely gardens. another warm day, still out in the evening in Tee Shirts, in January!
it's great to get back playing again after a 3 week winter break, Jack, the new JPJ has settled right in and is enjoying his first visit to AndalucĂ­a.
8TV, the local Andalusian TV station come to film our show in Jerez the next day. They interviewed Nobby, our promoter. Spending our day off in Gibraltar, although Nobby forgot his passport and they wouldn’t let him in.
Much to our amusement.
                            I need a passport to come to the UK?
After our show in Algeciras, again, so many familiar faces, oh and did they feed us? The restaurant attached to the venue was amazing and the food, and the wine, kept coming, necessitating the need for a pre-gig snooze.

Rather than drive our day off the length of the country for our show tonight in San Sebastien, instead, we had a glorious day in Sevilla, enjoying the sun and the Flamenco. We thought it a good idea to catch a flight to Bilbao in the afternoon after breakfast in Saville.
And then the rain came.
Pouring rain. torrential rain, and driving winds. And so we find ourselves still sitting at the airport when we should be sound-checking in San Sebastien. Our flight cancelled due to the bad weather.
It’s very quiet now in the terminal waiting room, I’m the only one here, everyone else has got a voucher for a sarnie and a cup of tea. Whereas, I’m frantically trying to make alternative arrangement to get the band to the show on time. At least Peter will get me a cuppa tea. Thank God it’s a late gig tonight.

11pm onstage. There is still hope, maybe we should all play a song of hope… just to make sure.

The race begins…………

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