Wednesday, 11 January 2017

You're him aren't you

Welcome to the first blog of 2017. It was back in July last year the last time I wrote. The reason for being remiss is that instead of a blog, I have been writing a book on the band exploits. Full of amusing witticisms by yours truly about life on the road. But also helpful advice into what has made Letz Zep such a touring force.

Since I last put pen to metaphorical paper the band has been very busy. The band has been to Latvia, Germany, Finland, our ever increasingly popular acoustic shows had an outing or two, very enjoyable too.
At The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool, we were joined onstage by the Mona Lisa Twins for the acoustic segment, and with no rehearsal, they did a fantastic job. Hope we can do it again one day.
                                                              The Mona Lisa Twins

After five shows in six days in Germany we had some time off in Paris, France. In the Montmartre area. The picture-postcard image of Parisian cafes and bars. Just a bit of a hike up all them stairs until we reach the fabulous Sacre-Couer. Of course, we do all the tourist bit, Eiffel Tower. Louvre etc..

Pete the Beat is our drummer, it is his first visit to the French capital city, and being a Francophile, Pete is off early every morning to walk the streets of this famous city.

Our show here is at La Cigalle,  a fantastic venue and very well attended. Nice to be re-united with some of our old crew from our recent tours in France. Michel, tour manager and Le Chameau as guitar tech, or drink attendant. Nick, or Le Chameau (The Camel) keeps the Jack flowing nicely. And tonight in Paris a film crew for a new promo DVD for the band!! Watch this space!

We cover the length and breadth of the country, a fantastic return to Nantes. And two new venues in Normandy, which are both Sold Out! One being in the middle of nowhere, about an hour before the show thousands of people turned up to queue in the rain to cram into the venue.

And so onto Holland. Always nice to meet up with friends, and we have a guest on bass and keys, Steve Turner is guesting for these 4 shows. Just like old times, and yes, he is still as miserable as ever. Tho’ he did perk up a bit at the after tour party in Sneek.
The Melkweg is always a great atmosphere, but not much time to party on after the show as we are staying in Sandspoort after the show, in a well-posh hotel!

So anyway, I have finished writing the book and waiting to be printed and published. I got the publisher and the distributer on hold. All I am waiting on is the title, the book just flowed, but the title is proving to be a poser. I’m sure I’ll come up with a great title soon. I am going with the working title of ‘You’re him aren’t you’ for now, but that may change.

The working title is based on what people say to me just before I am asked for a pic.
Thanks to Nick for his tour diaries, they brought back a lot of happy memories and a great insight to behind the scenes of a hard-working band. I just can’t believe we used to go out drinking ‘til 4am after every show! How did we do it? I’m right off to bed nowadays after the gigs!

So the tour finished on 20th December, and the next tour begins 26th January, no rest for the weary. After the huge success of our Tales of Storms’, we are looking forward to returning to road. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Led Zeppelin reforming for a one-off show at the 02 London. Which grows ever more likely to have been the last ever show. To mark this momentous occasion we are calling our 2017 tour ’10 Years Gone’.

Next stop Spain! With our long-time promoter, simply known as EL Feo de Cojones, Siiiiiiiiiiiii, mucho Cervesa y patatas bravas.

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