Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Upon us all a little rain must fall

Hello readers, time for a new blog. I have been a bit remiss of late, so busy swanning around enjoying the summer that I haven’t put pen to proverbial paper for weeks.

The last actual gig I wrote about was back in May, since then I have waxed lyrical about motorbiking around France and Spain.

It is our summer break time, time to relax, visit friends and relatives, and watch the Euros.

My travels took me once again to Barcelona, for the second time in as many weeks. This time tho’ I nipped up the coast to Villanova where the amazing Danny Vaughn was doing an acoustic set, a beautiful setting, right on the coast as the sun went down.
It was a very well attended gig, and Danny holds the audience in the palm of his hand. I was fortunate enough to be invited to join Danny for a rendition of Gallows Pole, an old English folk song made famous by Led Zeppelin.

A fantastic evening, somewhat marred by the useless driver we had. She disappeared into the night, having found a guitarist drunk enough to shag her, and so we were duly abandoned to find a bus that was going to Barcelona at 2am.
A big thank you to the drummer of The Golden Grahams for saving the day on that score, and getting us back to Barcelona.

We have been hard at work too of course, with shows in Kent, at the Astor Theatre, we have been to Hull and back. As well as Brighouse in Yorkshire, famous for its brass band.

We also took a trip to Holland for the Tilburg Midsummer Backstage festival. Not that you would know it was summer with the amount of rain that fell on us.
Thankfully, the Dutch are a hardy lot, and they stayed on in the rain to watch the performance. 
That brought back memories of a show we did in Germany once, and the heavens opened, but the audience simply took off their clothes, watched us naked, then put their clothes back on after the rain had stopped.

 We were getting a bit worried as the wind was blowing the rain right on the stage, but we got through, with no mishaps, no one got electrocuted.

Our next show is in Deal once more, for a festival, which will be broadcast live on the radio. I’ll put more info up on that soon.
Then the big one – Latvia, I have only been there once before but it was a great place. We are all fired up for that one, followed by Finland.

So, here we are, on our summer break, time to recharge the batteries, and try avoid the rain. Yes, just two weeks into our summer break and  I am Stair Crazy already!

Bring on the second part of our Tales of Storms tour 2016. The first part of the year has been fantastic.

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