Monday, 11 April 2016

A La Vache

The week started off badly with a bit of a shock to the system. I went to the pub whereby i was expecting to meet some friends, only to be confronted by a face that seemed to recall, someone from some dark recess of my memory.
Then it dawned on me, 'Oh My God!......just what is my Ex's mother doing here?' I asked myself in terror.

But no, I was wrong, it not her mother at all, it was in fact the ex itself!! I only realised my mistake when she started sucking on a cigarette, a bit like Gollum.
Obviously it's true what they say about smoking having an aging effect, but I didn't know it piled the weight on too!
I felt my legs buckle as a cold chill ran down my spine, but a stiff drink sorted me out and I was soon restored to my former vigour.

She made a hasty retreat when news of my arrival spread.

Anyway, nice little trip this one, all the gigs although in three different countries are only an hour or so apart.
And a chance for me to practice my French, A La Vache!

Je Pense que Je parle Francais tres bien, I even made up a little joke about the mandolin, tres amusant!

First one up St Avold in France, we flew in early that morning and had chance to catch up with some sleep before sound check.
A few problems at sound check, but all well on the night. It is nice to have our own equipment out here, and our regular crew.

We have Peter on drums for this series of shows as Simon is still on ‘leave’.

Sadly tho’ our portable DVD player packed up, so we couldn’t display our Live at Wacken DVD.

Second show – Sankt Ingbert, Germany, and we have a new crew member, Tino, the guitar tech, very efficient, having all of Andys guitars ready for him, in the right tuning, at the right time of the set.
I usually take the opportunity to talk to the crowd between songs  to allow Andy time to tune up. I didn’t have chance to say anything as Andys guitars were all tuned and ready to go!
I’ll have to talk quicker in future.

Nice to return ‘The Song Remains the Same’ and ‘The Rain Song’ into the set.

The next day is a short drive to Luxembourg. The venue, Rockhal, is in the aptly named Avenue du Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Our hotel is opposite the venue and there are many people staying here who have travelled to be at the show.
Many from Belgium,  and some others who were at St Avold 2 days ago.
That being the case, we put a few different songs in tonight, but as we are on a strict curfew, we  can’t go too mad!

But yeah, a good little trip, , no late nights or massive partying, so no hangovers.
Early to bed,  not too much travel, short flights, nice food.
The crew did a fantastic job, the venues all marvellous, and great shows thanks to the fantastic people who came along.

Only one gripe, on our flight back, I am sure by some mix up. Pete, the drummer inexplicably flying first class whilst I am at the back of the plane!
Pete had Champagne and canap├ęs, I got a cuppa tea and a bag of crisps! Surely some mistake!

I will be having words with the powers that be!

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