Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tales of Storms

London shows are always fun.
The Borderline is just about the only venue left in Soho, once the centre of live music.
London has either huge venues, or small, sadly hardly any mid-sized venues left.
Actually, loading to The Borderline is behind in a small dead-end street, which is close to the venue we played regularly in London. The Astoria, now gone.
On the drive from where I live to the West End, I must pass at least 20 ex-music venues, which are now soulless coffee bars, or pizza places.

I had a walk down Tin Pan Alley, Denmark Street WC1, once the centre of music publishing and now music shops, I wonder how long it is before that goes too?

Wasn’t sure had this show would go being a Bank holiday Friday, but it was fantastic, and well attended, as always.
and a chance to show off our brand new banners we had made up last week, to adorn the foyers of the venues we play.

                                           Here we see said banner adorned by attractive young girl.
                                                            Obviously a fan of the band.

Saturday is Holmfirthin Yorkshire famous for where they filmed the popular TV series ‘Last of the Summer Wine’
So of course, We had to have breakfast in Sid’s CafĂ©, as featured in the show.
Where we met actor Ken Kitson, who was in the show. He was there promoting his new book.
Really good turn out, and a really good show.

The town was being pelted with rain and high winds, rattling off the tile rooves opposite the venue.
We do pride ourselves on being as authentic as possible, but going so far as to provide actual storms is the icing on the cake, after all, this is the ‘Tales of Storms’ tour.
Led Zeppelin were one of the very first bands to perform in Japan, receiving the city medal from the Mayor of Hiroshima in recognition of this. Where they performed songs from the fourth album for the first time.

Their first ever show at The Budokan, Tokyo, was to be recorded for future release, but the sounds of the thunder storm that hit the city marred the recording and the tapes were wiped.

In recognition of this, we have named our 2016 World Tour as the ‘Tales of Storms’.

As we were staying in the local pub around the corner, got slightly drunk, but only slightly, but as always, I am the first to bed. after all, I am El Santo!

G’night All

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