Monday, 28 March 2016


Landing in Moscow, at last. A show we have been eagerly looking forward too.

We were met at the airport and glad I brought my thermals, that cold wind certainly chills the Urals.
We were whisked off to a live radio interview on Russia News Service. with Igor Sandler, very famous in Russia and was kind enough to present us with a book wot he wrote.
We also met our charming translator,

All went well, but we have been here 3 hours and not had any vodka yet!

The next day we have a few hours to sightsee. So Red Square it is. And the 1812 museum, pretty good stuff in there, and they have the sleigh in which Napoleon fled Moscow, uniforms weapons etc..

A visit to Lenin's tomb  is a must however I broke my watch at security, my favourite watch too, gutted. A tribute to Rolex I bought in Hong Kong for $25.

Pete is a big fan of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space when his ship, Vostok, orbited the Earth in 1961, and wanted to see his burial place, although it was out of bounds due to repair works, a young Russian Soldier escorted us in so we could get a pic. Pete was delirious.

I didn’t know that the Kremlin is now open to visitors, including the amazing Armoury, with the Coronation Crown.

The last Tzar to be crowned with Monomakh’s Cap was Ivan V, the elder brother of Peter the Great.
After this  the ancient crown was not used again until 2002, when a copy of the crown was made for Vladimir Putin’s 50th birthday and given to him as a gift.

Finally the vodka arrived hooray! The venue was huge, massive stage, the biggest in the world if I got my facts right? certainly the biggest in Russia with at least 20 feet between the band and the audience. But we got them outta their seats and rockin’ in the end.

It was good, nice to see the sights, and everyone involved did a great job, Thanks to you all, hope we go back one day.

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