Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Boot Camp Day 2

Day 2 of our Boot Camp torment.

The day started at 7.30am with an 11 mile walk along the canal, where, occasionally, we would stop and talk with the locals in their canal boats, bit like ‘Tales of the River Bank
Friendly folk up here.

We are joined this year by some new faces: Martin, an old school friend of Mathews, and at well over 6 foot and a lean, mean fighting machine, its a wonder why he is here at all really.

Our other new face wishes to remain anonymous, for reasons of his own, and will be referred to as ‘Jackfrom now on. Although ‘Jackhas re-tweeted these posts, and that may be a clue to his identity. As might this picture taken under the famous clock at Carnforth Station.
A visit would not be complete without seeing the famous Carnforth Station clock made by Joyce of Whitchurch in the late 19th century, which featured in Brief Encounter.
And now lovingly restored.
‘Jackis here seen centre of pic.

 We took a cup of tea, at the Refreshment Room of the station.
It is most famously known by film buffs from the role that it played in the 1945 David Lean film “Brief Encounter” that starred Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson.

In the film, the station is referred to as Milford Junction, but the actual location was Carnforth Station.
The Refreshment Room has been faithfully restored to its 1940s period glory and offers a superb range of home made food, licensed bar and top quality hot beverages.

 The tea was refreshing, but the smell of the food was a torment, as we are not allowed anything to eat ‘til we return.

I had smuggled a small tangerine in my pocket, and waited patiently for the halfway mark before devouring it.
Hunger sure makes food taste even sweeter.
The walk back is all up hill, Matthew decided that the normal route was too short, so took us rambling further afield, but thankfully, we were spared the ‘Hill of Certain Death.
Thatll most likely be for tomorrow.

All the talk of the afternoon centred around the impending boxing match between, in the red corner, Matthew, and in the blue corner, Martin.
Excitement is building for this titanic clash of the greats.
They had a quick spar, and Martin quickly appointed me as his second.
Claiming that ‘Billy knows a winner when he sees one.

He has the reach advantage over Matthew, but needs to use his body more; a little coaching from me and we may have a really good fight on our hands

‘The Rumble in the Gardenis on, lets hope Matthew keeps his clothes on for this one.

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