Monday, 1 February 2016

Saints and Sinners

We have made it to the half way mark of the tour of Spain and we are all in one piece, well just, after the boys had a big night out in Santiago they all look a bit worse for wear. 
This is our 10th major tour of the country, more than any other band, like, ever!

We left off at Eibar being the 1st of 5 gigs on the bounce, so to continued on with Villadolid, our fourth time here in as many years, always a good show.

photo by FranCea

Oviedo, we have a support for a few days touring with us from tonight, The Golden Grahams.
A three piece from Barcelona, they drove 12 hours and slept in the car to be in Oviedo for the show.
Not a good sound engineer I am sorry to say, he never marked down our setting and failed to change them back after the Golden Grahams set, so I had absolutely nothing in my monitors all gig.
This is when, as a vocalist, you really have to be disciplined and not to stretch the voice trying to be heard. Five shows on the trot is hard enough on the voice without the extra problem of not being able to hear myself.

but we triumphed through adversity.

Oh yes, and the keyboard monitor packed up, so instead on ‘No Quarter’, we played ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’,  reinforcing my thinking that this song should be in every night, a real favourite with the crowd, I think that most people don’t expect it to be in the set and are genuinely pleased to hear the opening refrain.

The next day we made our pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, to visit the relics of Saint James. After whom the town is named, Santi Jago.
Made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985.
Legend has it the remains of Saint James are there, they built the cathedral on the spot where his body was found. And is a pilgrimage made for 100,000 people each year.

Santiago is a strong gig for us, and the hotel is right next door to the venue.
For once it was handy having a young support band, someone has to have the energy left to chase the young girls at our shows.
After two and a half hours, I’m ready for bed, and live up to my nickname here of ‘El Santo’, The Saint, due to my good clean living life style.
Andy is El Guapo, and the one the crowd find most amusing is Simon, as Don Simon, turns out it’s also the name of a cheap wine here in Spain.

Our audience over here are mainly under 25, which shows the eternal appeal of the music of Led Zeppelin, in fact, you hardly ever see anyone out between the ages of 25 and 50 on the streets in the evening.

I think it due to getting married and having kids, so a generation disappears until the kids grow up, and reappear in pastel coloured clothing.
Again, tho’ on our more recent tours, I have noticed a change in this and we now get thirty somethings at our shows.
The times they are a changing.

Although, one thing that hasn't changed is the fantastic food and wine, massive big portions of good food, for a coupla Euro's. Bargain.

Sunday at a small town on the coast, in the summer, a holiday destination for the Spanish people, very authentic, and old Spain.
I have noticed a change from when we first arrived here is Spain, ten years ago or more now.
Back then, other than the major cities, no one really spoke English, and outsiders not often seen, and therefore we generated a lot of interest amongst the locals.
Boiro is still like that, people stop in the street out of interest at the strange long haired men.

Small venue, but packed and they really looked after us, a chance to try out some songs we haven’t played for a while, ‘The Song Remains the Same’ ‘The Rain Song’Black Country Woman’ all well received.

And now a much deserved day off in the little fishing town on Boiro on the northwest coast of Spain in Galicia.
My hotel room over looks an urban farm, where a local farmer raises chickens etc.. all very picturesque and all that, until the geese start kicking off at first light with their squawking.

It’s Monday and our day off, time to recharge the batteries, clean some clothes and above all - Time for siesta, Siiiiiiiii

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