Monday, 21 December 2015

Schiphol Airport 2015

Sitting at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, our flight is delayed by 3 hours. Arrrrgh!
So good time to write the last blog of 2015.

As the flight is delayed there is an announcement that we can have credit for food.
There is a new system in place where they give us a card with credit on it, to spend at any food bar at the terminal.
Of course, it doesn’t work, so they just give us the food for free anyway.
Shaun is very pleased with himself, as he eats the food, they goes complaining to the desk that his card doesn’t work and they keep giving him a new one.
He is currently off to find a refreshment outlet he hasn’t yet used to get a free cup of tea.
I don’t think he will actually get on the flight until he has used up all his credit, which seems endless.
Keeps him quiet tho’

We arrived 5 days ago at Schiphol. On the early morning flight, No time to snooze, just to check in at the hotel and head for soundcheck.
The flight had arrived 20 minutes early, but then we spent more time on the ground than in the air.
at least I got the last ham and cheese toastie on the plane, much to the chagrin of the rest of the band.
it's a tradition, we even like them that much, but it's become the don't thing to have the ham and cheese toastie on the plane.
It wasn't at all too warm, but at least I could gloat at the others when they ordered one only to be told I had the last one :D

I tried to get a little El Kippo in at the venue, but no such luck, people to see, things to sign.

We have played at Zoetermeer twice before. But never really had a chance to see the town, never much free time.
But a great show as always, a good crowd and a good reception.

It’s only an hour drive to Amsterdam tomorrow, so we can have a rare lay in.
There we will be spending 2 nights at the Backstage hotel.
Really cool hotel just behind The Melkweg, our room is on the 4th floor, and a right schlep up really steep stairs, as is the norm in the old houses in ‘Dam.
Coming down is worse, ‘specially after a few beers.

Backstage at The Melkweg, we threw a surprise birthday party for Amy, as she has never had one before, her birthday being December 27th.
However, tonight, for the first time, we have a support band, a young band from the UK making their debut in Europe. The amount of alcohol backstage for the party was too much of a distraction for them.
It seemed to vanish quickly, when the support finally arrived that is.
They were nearly an hour late and were almost kicked off the bill. The reason for the tardiness was due to partying too hard in the afternoon.
Some sort of Muffin and cake was involved, don’t ask me, I have no idea.

After the show, I had to arrange for the crew to carry them back to the hotel. Puking.
Rock n roll will never die.

The Melkweg is a stalwart for us. We have been coming for 10 years now. Great venue and great crew there. Really well run.
We always do well there.
Then out to Leidseplein for a night sampling the local ales. And making some new friends.
4 am I think it was when they crawled back. By this time Andy had lost his sense of vision.
As usual, only I am sensible of get in a good night sleep. Those boys!

This, however, took out the most of the next day, when we were much more modest in our consumption of local beverages.
Maybe a visit to some of the local museums would have been a better use of our time.
I do like Amsterdam, it’s such a relaxed place. Great just to walk around, and soak in the vibe.
Although I was up all night with heartburn due to the nachos I had in the square.

Lots of old friends at the show, Enrico, Rikk and even our old publicist Jessica de Wall.

Leaving Amsterdam for Sneek, pronounced Snake, don’tcha know.
A nice little town with amusing shop names such as TWA Tsjillen, Two Wheels, apparently, the hint being all the bicycles in the window.

We arrived in Holland expecting it to be cold, like last year, but it was suprisingly mild, so we have been lugging heavy coats around with us.
Today in sneek it is starting to tell, it is chilly here.

This is an afternoon show , and onstage at 3.45 pm.
And wrap up as soon as we finish as the van goes back to the UK tonight after the show. Mark, our driver, getting a little impatient as we did a 3rd encore.

We, on the other hand, have a night to relax, or, go the bars and nightclubs! Which, although being a Sunday, are remarkably busy.
I chose the former and the band the latter.
I was tucked up in bed by 9pm.

And then the rain came.

3 great shows and 4 fantastic nights in Holland, a big thank you to all who came to our shows in 2015, and for the 28,000 listeners on Spotify.
It’s been a great year, and now home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all.
See you in 2016.

Ps – UPDATE - Shaun is now of to complain the easyjet desk for a 4th time to get more credit on his card for a round of teas!!!!

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