Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Amsterdam 2015

Hello all,

Well, 2015 is nearly at a close, and only 3 gigs left for us this year.
We started with a fantastic trip to Brazil, followed swiftly by Spain and Portugal.

Then on our travels around Europe. We always get a good reception, or should I say, ‘rezeption’ ! in Germany, as well as our first visits to Romania, Norway and Finland
Nice to return to France, and Slovenia too.
And of course, the UK.

But our final shows of 2015 are in Holland
Zoetermeer. Amsterdam and Sneek on December 17, 18 and 20 respectively.

Amsterdam! This’ll be our 10th time there.

We would often spend a weekend in ‘Dam and had the idea of putting on a show whilst we are out there anyway.
We had 350 people on our first visit, 500 on the second, and sold out most times since.

We stay at a bijou, bespoke hotel designed for bands. The rooms are like being backstage at a gig. And a funky bar! But the best thing is they do breakfast at whatever time you actually get up.

Any backstage stories from ‘Dam? Yes lots, anything I can commit to writing? Probably not.

Shall I write it anyway? Erm.. no.
Maybe I could use pseudonyms to protect the guilty, I mean innocent of course.
Although the big local newspaper Amsterdam Weekly did review our last concert here with the quote:

"Not only do Letz Zep Perform on stage but re-create their more notorious back stage antics too!" 
Those boys honestly! What are they like! Not me of course I am always first to bed, living up to me nickname of El Santo - The Saint!

Suffice to say, we are looking forward to coming back to Holland, and to one of our favourite gigs of the year at The Melkweg.
Oh yes, and a night out in Leidersplein., Letz Rock!
See ya’ll there!

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