Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Welcome to our new blog, i'll be waxing lyrical about all things we see on our travels, which are many and varied.
Right now, I am relaxing in the Lake District, taking shelter from the rain.
We had an intense few dates last weekend, our first in Norway and Finland.
First impressions - its cold! Second, beer is expensive. Sounds a bit cliched i know, it'll get better.
We, comprising of myself (Billy), Andy and Shaun jumped the train into Oslo.
and spent our day in the museum. Not very rock n roll but informative and interesting.
On days off it is to our liking to visit local places of interest. Last week, in Germany we spend all day in the local Schloss, or castle. Dead boss that.
a reproduction of the Spear of Destiny proudly displayed. the spear of Longinus, which is reputed to have pierced the body of Christ on the cross.

                                     The Spear of Destiny

But that was the previous week, This week, the Olso museum, where they had a wall dedicated to all things American, Photos of the good and the great, Presidents, stars of stage and silver-screen, including Marilyn Monroe and Sean Connery, bit surprised at his inclusion, maybe it was meant to portray James Bond, tho' he isn't exactly American either. I didn't realise Einstein was American either, oh hang on, he isn't!

Good museum tho' nonetheless. nice staff too, very helpful

Good gig too, we got them outta the seats at the end.
As we did in Finland. tho; we were up at 5am for a flight to Berlin.
didn't get much sleep that night, woke up in the middle of the night and decided to put the telly on just to see the shocking news from Paris.
I have a lot of good friends in France, I lived in Paris once for 6 months. So worrying times.

So, at 7am we say goodbye to Finland, and hopefully we will return soon. we really enjoyed the gig, just wish we had time to see more of Helsinki.

Spent most the day in Berlin catching up on sleep. There's a real buzz about the city, and we had a near well sold-out crowd. nice to have our own gear again too.

We even found time for a few beers in a quiet bar after the show.
And now, I am relaxing in a farm house in the middle of nowhere, The wind howling and the rain tapping on the windows. and the log fire burning ... erm... it's gone out, I've been to busy blabbering on.
OK gtg, relight the fire, and that bottle of red ain't gonna drink itself now is it.
until the next time

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