Friday, 27 November 2015

Cottbus -Germany

It’s 7.25pm in Cottbus in eastern Germany
We just arrived at our hotel, when I say ‘we’, I mean me and Andy, as Simon  and Shaun somehow conspired to miss the flight.

Simon thought the flight was tomorrow and Shaun was probably just drunk.

Here is an artists impression of Simon's face when he realised he would miss the flight

Cottbus has a population of approx 100,000 people, and was the old centre of the energy industry n the old GDR.

coupla weeks back we were in Wuppertal, here is Germany, famous for its overhead monorail railway.

To display how sturdy and safe this was, some bright spark borrowed Tuffi the Elephant from the local circus.
This was back in 1050, however, Tuffi wasn’t that keen, unsurprisingly, and she jumped from the suspended monorail in Wuppertal into the river below.

The elephant trumpeted wildly and ran through the wagon, broke through a window and fell nearly 40 feet into the Wupper River, thankfully suffering only minor injuries. A panic had broken out in the wagon and some passengers were hurt.

Tuffi is now a legend in Germany,

My room seems to be a bit close to the lift, I can hear the bell ding every time it stops on this floor, Ok off to eat now, and maybe a few ales in the bar.

More tomorrow .....

....and just why am I wide awake at 5am?

You will no doubt be pleased to hear that Simon and Shaun arrived on the later flight, missed dinner but the bar was still open, I think Shaun was in need of a hair of the dog.....

11am and you will be  and you no doubt be pleased to hear that Simon and Shaun both made it on the later flight, they missed dinner, but the bar was still open.
They still allow smoking in the bar here, amazing how quick we get used to not smoking.
We decided to sit in the restaurant and have a beer.

Andy missed breakfast so we are heading into town. Apparently there is a castle.
As we leave the hotel, there is a big police presence and a crowd of people shouting in unison with something resembling The Haka, famously sang by the New Zealand team before the rugby match.

Although we usually have a warm welcome, and sometimes even a police escort, most notably in Venezuela, they even had machine guns, in Venezuela that is, not Germany, but this wasn’t for us.
The Erfurt football team were playing Energie Cottbus today in the German football league 3, and the team is staying in our hotel. That''l be all those blokes in Red then at breakfast.

In case you missed it, the local team are called Energie cos of the aforementioned power industry.

Cottbus is a nice town, they had their Christmas Market today, very picture post card image but freezing cold, and snowing.
So after a Gluhwein it’s back to the hotel, as my feet are like ice, it’s a 5.45 pm lobby call so time for a bath and a snooze I reckon.

Thank you Cottbus, the venue really looked after us, and a capacity crowd who were appreciative from start to finish, we even played an extra 30 minutes beyond the curfew.
Achilles Last  Stand had an inclusion tonight.
As always Babe I’m Gonna Leave You is well received, great, great live song, the dynamics are perfect. The acoustic set too, helps set the mood.
Nobody wanted to leave, and many where still there as we left.
There is a an after-show party tonight in our honour, why are the parties on the days we have to get up early for our flight the next day?

I’ll leave it to the others to make our appearance, I am off to bed, g’night Cottbus, hope to see you again.

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